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 Our Fees

We are a 501c3 Non Profit Organization.  In order to pay for the services we provide and to keep our lights on, we collect a monthly fee from our clients.  All prices are set by the Social Security Administration and are heavily regulated.  Fees go toward paying things like stamps, paper, envelopes, accounting software, payroll, rent, utilties, and other unforseen costs in managing your case.  

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the SSA's Fee for Service


Regular Rep Payee

   For the year 2015, The Social Security Administration has set the Fee for Service for Representative Payee Organizations to:



Regular Bill Pay Only Clients:
Bill Pay Only Clients are those who do not recieve ANY Federal Entitlement Benefits yet request our services for help with managing and paying their finances.


All Fees are billed on the 3rd of each month and are drafted by automatic transfer.

Extreme Hardship fee relief is considered on a case by case basis.

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